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We are committed to donate part of our proceeds to support building future of our children and people who are affected by crisis. 



The moment that moves your heart with deep emotion, the moment of excitement that you will never forget.

That moment will be your treasure of your life.




Making a toast by shots is a world’s heavily known celebration; when you accomplish a hard task at work, when your best mate succeeded in his/her love, and when you reunite with your good old friends. All these shots will make your night the most precious thing in your life.


Our Vodka


That magic word that creates an everlasting bond

with your friends. 


In the process of making our product KEYS & BRICKS, we paid our full attention to create a vodka to be enjoyed straight. To make a vodka without the full taste of alcohol, but yet strong enough to make up your night, we invented our publicly known mango flavor product, followed by bitter-taste lemon flavor.

All these vodka’s that we can name from overseas have really bland and tasteless flavor. We keep our product in an overly sensitive “Japanese” procedure, which creates a purely fine vodka that will surely be accepted by the world’s consumers.

We believe that our mission is to create the most precious time of your life with your friends and to spread a premium vodka made in Japan to all over the world.

KEYS & BRICKSのウォッカをカタチにしていく時、もっとも意識したのがストレートで飲んで美味しいお酒であること。アルコール感をあまり感じさせず、でもしっかりと陶酔できるウォッカを作るために、まずはマンゴーフレーバー、そして後続のレモンフレーバーを世界のナイトシーンへ向けて発表しました。 海外のお酒は大味なものがほとんど。日本の繊細さを大切にしつつ、作り上げたウォッカをグローバルでも受け入れやすい形で具現化。仲間との乾杯をより思い出深いものに変える、日本発のプレミアムウォッカを広く世界へ広める、それがKEYS & BRICKSのミッションのひとつだと考えています。 

Brand Name

Don’t be affected by others. Be You.



Japan; a country where people believe that being “normal” is a common practice. But us, KEYS & BRICKS do not believe in such practice. The name KEYS & BRICKS was found as a “key” for you to crush a block of common sense and stereotype.

A true Japanese with a wide range of view knows how he/she can express their identity to the world. These people believe in themselves and live their life in their own way. We stayed true to MADE IN JAPAN quality to have the rest of the world to believe in the true character.

普通であることが、あたかも当たり前であるように捉えられてしまっている日本。でも、本当はそうじゃない。世界を俯瞰している日本人は、いかに自分のアイデンティティを他者へアピールできるかを知っている。KEYS & BRICKSという名前には、常識というブロックを打ち砕くためのキーになる、という意味を込めました。遠慮がちに思われる日本人にだって、自分らしさを人生のテーマとし、我が道を歩いている人がいる。それを世界中の人に認めてもらいたいという気持ちから、世界最上を狙えるMADE IN JAPANにこだわりました。

Company Owner

Japan’s original vodka that makes

everyone in the world smile.



Ali, CEO, and founder of the company has a background of two nationalities: Japan and Egypt. Throughout his past days, he experienced the differences in people's lives based on nationality and religion. But yet, he believes that there is one definite common thing throughout the world; a smile and laughter from the relationship and friendship between people. Language is not a barrier and a deep bond can be made by smiles. With this philosophy, Ali decided to start a Japanese premium vodka product that will be loved in the global night scenes. To share the laughter and smiles through each and every toast that we make.



Original bottle design inspired by Japan’s peaceful “Zen” state of mind. 


“To create a Japanese premium vodka” is the main purpose for KEYS & BRICKS. The bottle has a minimalistic design with a touch of Japanese sense, which is why it is similar to those of Japanese sake. But the twist here is that the product is purely fine vodka, which is also provided as mango and lemon flavor. This is the one and only Japanese premium vodka. We guarantee that this original bottle will soon be seen in every bar around the corner.

ジャパニーズウォッカを作る。そんな想いからスタートしたKEYS & BRICKSはボトルデザインにも和の心を落とし込みつつ、世界でも認められるミニマムなデザインを採用しました。一見すると日本酒のボトルのようですが、その中身は大吟醸でも純米酒でもなく、紛れもないウォッカ。それもマンゴーとレモンの味付けがされた唯一無二のジャパニーズウォッカです。ボトル底部に記載のある「火酒」は漢字で「ウォッカ」を意味します。この比類なきボトルが世界中のバーに並ぶ日も着実に近づいています。


Vodka made in Japan, to the world. 



KEYS & BRICKS is produced at Sake factory with over 100 years of legacy in Fukui prefecture. 

Fukui prefecture is known for its rich natural environment full of pure spring water, which is one of the most important aspects to make sake. Our factory uses meltwater from the mountain that slowly percolates down to the ground 15m beneath ground level. Because 60% of all components of vodka is water, this underground meltwater is a definite key reason that creates a rich taste. 

We have great love and respect towards our environment and practices the good old Japanese habit. Our main purpose of vodka creation is not about sales. It is about delivering vodka with the best quality possible to the people those appreciate such craftsmanship. 

We will keep improving our product by respecting the culture while we focus on the future. 

KEYS & BRICKSのウォッカは、福井県で100年以上の歴史を持つ酒蔵で丹精込めて作っています。酒蔵のある福井県は、大変豊かな自然環境に恵まれた土地柄で、湧き水も多く、お酒を作るのに非常に適した環境。実際に仕込みで使う水は、雪解け水が時間をかけてゆっくりと流れ込む清冽な地下水を裏山の地下15mから汲み上げて使用しています。 ウォッカの成分は60%以上が水。ゆえにこの地下水の美味しさも大きなキーポイントになるのです。 日本の古き良き習慣を大切にし、売上や販売数量よりも、美味しいお酒を顔が見える人に届けたいという思いでウォッカ造りに取り組んでおります。歴史を尊重しながらも、未来を見据えて、日々研究を重ねています。





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